Dr Jeremy Carter

Research Fellow (Climate Change Cities)

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Jeremy is a research fellow working at the University of Manchester. He is Co-Director of the Centre for Urban Resilience and Energy. His research interests focus on environmental planning and management, particularly urban climate change adaptation and resilience. He has led research projects to an award value of over £1 million, designed and delivered undergraduate courses and lectures, and published articles on these themes. He is currently principal investigator leading the University of Manchester’s input to the Horizon 2020 RESIN (Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructures) project.

Within the RESIN project, and his previous research, Jeremy focuses on progressing the achievement of urban climate change adaptation and resilience goals through collaborative academic research with ‘end users’ in policy maker, practitioner and stakeholder communities. He has worked in Greater Manchester, and other UK and European cities and urban areas, to develop research outputs in this field that have ‘impact’ both within and beyond the academic community. His specific areas of interest include adaptation and resilience planning processes, the role of spatial planning in this context and bringing a futures perspective to climate change adaptation and resilience.  

His external roles have included acting as adaptation theme leader during the development of Greater Manchester’s climate change strategy. He currently sits on the board of Greater Manchester’s Local Nature Partnership and is a director of the Manchester Climate Change Agency, also chairing its adaptation group. In 2013, Jeremy was appointed as an international expert to support the Committee of the Regions on their submission to the European Commission on the EU Adaptation Strategy.

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