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New postdoctoral positions are available in our lab now. For more information and details on how to apply follow these links (deadline 07/07/2021): Positions #1 (synthetic biology & enzymology); Position #2 (integrated catalysis).

Jason Micklefield is Professor of Chemical Biology within the School of Chemistry and the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. He graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1993 with a PhD in Chemistry, working with Prof Sir Alan R. Battersby FRS to complete the first total synthesis of haem d1. He then moved to the University of Washington, USA, as a NATO postdoctoral fellow investigating various biosynthetic pathways and enzyme mechanisms with Prof Heinz G. Floss. In 1995 he began his independent research career as a Lecturer in Organic Chemistry at Birkbeck CollegeUniversity of London before moving to Manchester in 1998.

The Micklefield Lab develop more sustainable bio-inspired ways to build molecules. Our lab has an eclectic philosophy and is highly interdisciplinary, engaged in Chemical and Synthetic Biology research tackling diverse challenges at the Chemistry-Biology interface. We exploit techniques and knowledge from organic chemistry and enzymology through to molecular microbiology and genetics to develop sustainable routes to target molecules for therapeutic and other applications. The main research themes include: 1) Biosynthesis and biosynthetic pathway engineering providing novel bioactive natural products particularly new antibiotics to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and treat neglected diseases; 2) Biocatalysis & integrated catalysis – Enzyme discovery, characterisation & engineering for enzymatic synthesis. Merging chemo- and biocatalysis for telescoping more sustainable routes to pharmaceuticals and other valuable products; 3) Nucleic acids chemistry and biology, including developing new routes to nucleic acid therapeutics (NAT) and functional tools such as riboswitches and aptamers.

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Visiting Professor, East China University Of Science & Technology

1 Apr 2018Apr 2021

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