Miss Heather Braid

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I am a 1st year PhD student exploring the geological/engineering prospects of subsurface hydrogen storage, which is considered a viable alternative to natural gas in many hard-to-decarbonise sectors.

My project, titled 'Multi-scale and multi-approach investigation of subsurface hydrogen storage' (supervised by Dr Lin Ma) will explore the interactions between porous rocks and hydrogen under subsurface conditions. As a novel research field, this will entail crucial lab study in order to build representative datasets, ensuring impacts of subsurface hydrogen storage are accurately predicted and assessed. This will involve applying an armoury of different imaging and characterisation techniques alongside analysis and modelling. 


  • PhD Chemical Engineering - The University of Manchester, 2021-
  • MEarthSci - The University of Manchester, 2017-2021

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2021 - Master of Earth Science, The Taphonomy of Ichthyosaurs from the Lias (Lower Jurassic), of the Yorkshire Coast, The University of Manchester (2017 - 2021)