Ms Ghada Binkhamis

Honorary Research Fellow

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I am an Audiologist from Saudi Arabia with extensive clinical experience in a specialised tertiary care hospital setting.

I am experienced in working with most populations and in many areas of hearing with main expertise in:

  • Cochlear Implants: all age groups with most experience with paediatrics. Expertise in fitting, electrical electrophysiological measures (ECAP and EABR), and troubleshooting for all three major cochlear implant manufacturers (Cochlear, ME-DEL, Advanced Bionics) and some experience with Neurelec MXM cochlear implants.
  • Paediatric Audiology.
  • Electrophysiological testing and auditory evoked potentials.

I have been heavily involved in clinical training for junior audiologists in general audiology and in training audiologists on cochlear implant fitting, troubleshooting, and electrical evoked potential measures (mainly ECAPs).

I have also served as an expert consultant to other hospitals and to local cochlear implant distributors on cochlear implant related issues such as starting a cochlear implant program, candidacy criteria and clinical policies, and managing difficult cases.

My research interest was provoked from my clinical work with young children and with individuals that are not able to perform behavioural audiological testing. The need for objective audiological outcome measures arouse frequently during my clinical work, which lead to my decision to pursue a PhD in audiology to try to establish such a measure.


Au.D., Audiology, Nova Southeastern University (Highest Honours)

MA, Audiology, Western Michigan University (Honours)

BSc, Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation, King Saud University (Honours)

Further information

PhD Supervisors:

Main Supervisor: Dr. Karolina Kluk-de kort

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Martin O'Driscoll

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Education / academic qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science, Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation,, King Saud University College of Applied Medical Sciences
  • Doctor of Science, Audiology, Nova Southeastern University
  • Master of Science, Audiology, Western Michigan University

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Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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