Dr Garreth Prendergast

Lecturer in Audiology/Hearing Sciences

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I studied a BSc in Psychology at the University of York and stayed there to complete a PhD. My PhD was awarded in January 2009 and investigated the temporal dynamics of speech intelligibility mechanisms. This approach used vocoded speech manipulations in conjunction with auditory steady-state responses measured via MEG to investigate how salient information contained in a speech signal can be neurally encoded.

My early post-doctoral positions were joint across the Hull York Medical School and the York NeuroImaging Centre. During this time I worked to develop novel methodological applications for the analysis of oscillatory biomagnetic signals acquired by MEG and EEG. I was also responsible for facilitating research projects involving clinicians and patient populations. This role involved using functional imaging in MR and MEG to investigate clinically relevant diagnostic questions.

In 2014 In began a post-doctoral position at the University of Manchester, funded by the MRC. This was an ambitious study testing 200 people for a total of over 1500 hours to study the effects of “hidden hearing loss”, which is when there are profound changes to the physiology of the auditory system as a result of noise exposure but no change in the audiogram. In July 2018 I became a Lecturer in Audiology at the University of Manchester.

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