Dr Gabriella Juhasz


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The main focus of my research interest is to investigate the genetic background of major depressive disorder using the rich phenotypic and genetic data of the NewMood (New molecules in mood disorders) project. Our focus during NewMood was to understand how endophenotypes or intermediate phenotypes, such as rumination or personality traits, mediate genetic vulnerability to depression in the absence or presence of environmental risk factors. To step forward a whole genome genotyping was carried out on the NewMood genetic samples. Now we are running genome wide association analysis on depression related phenotypes, which genetic background are poorly understood. In addition, we are developing methods to capture gene x environment interaction effects at a genomic level. The other avenue of my work is to analyse the UK Biobank cohort data, to further understand the heterogeneity of depression by investigating the role of comorbid disorders, lifestyle factors and other environmental influences, with the aim to identify genetic risk factors for subgroups of depressed patients. This project challenges the traditional analysis methods by requiring skills in “big data” handling and providing a unique opportunity to develop methods for “omic” level analysis.

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Research Group Lead, Semmelweis University

1 Jan 2015 → …

Senior lecturer (docent), Semmelweis University

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