Dr Francisca Munoz Sanchez

Research Associate

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My field of expertise cover from the development and characterisation of radiation detectors to the qualification and characterisation of mechanical support structures for collider's experiments.

I did my PhD Thesis on the "Study of New Silicon Sensors for Experiments at Future Particle Colliders" in both strips and pixel sensors, studing their characteristics before and after irradiation with different techniques.

Currently, I keep some activities on radiation detectors characterisation but most of my time I work together with other experts at the University of Manchester and from the United Kingdom on building one of the ATLAS pixel endcaps for the upgrade of the experiment in 2025, when the Large Hadron collider will be also upgraded to a higher luminosity. 

This new project is giving me a better understanding on the challenges around building a collider experiment to work in very extrem conditions.

Areas of expertise

  • QC Physics - Detectors characterisation, Quality Control techniques, Radiation Detection, Radiation damage in silicon

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2014 - Doctor of Philosophy, Study of New Silicon Sensors for Experiments at Future Particle Colliders, University of Cantabria - CSIC

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