Dr Eric Lybeck


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University Studies

Working in the interdisciplinary field of 'University Studies', Dr Lybeck's research and practice draws on processual and civic approaches to social knowledge to make new connections between the disciplines of sociology, history and education. 

The University Revolution since 1800

Lybeck's doctoral research at Cambridge explored the history of the social and legal sciences during the late 19th century transfer of university models from Germany to America.

He has since published two books related to the long-term development of higher education:

The University Revolution: Outline of a Processual Theory of Modern Higher Education (2021)


Nobert Elias and the Sociology of Education (2019)

Civic Education

Dr Lybeck's current work explores new ideas and practices related to place-based education and the 'civic university' - and he is presently collaborating with a diverse, interdisciplinary and intersectoral group of academic and non-academic partners to reconstruct ways of integrating advanced knowledge and society, locally and globally.

One such model involves 'CRAFT Houses', an idea that won the 2018 Bennett Prospect Policy Prize.

In 2020, he founded the Academic College to provide new digital and real-world spaces to support itinerating academics - www.academiccollege.org

He is editor-in-chief of the journal, Civic Sociology, published by University of California Press, which he founded in 2016 - www.civicsociology.org

Prospective Students

Dr Lybeck would be especially keen to correspond with prospective postgraduate students interested in the fields of civic education, sociology of education, historical sociology, social theory and comparative policy. Interdisciplinary projects are especially welcome - there are several civic research, policy and knowledge-exchange projects on-going if you need inspiration or ideas. Send an email with your academic and broader interests to see what can be arranged.

Consultancy and Media

Lybeck is also available for consultancy work for local governments, HEIs, social enterprises, community organisations and others interested in better integrating knowledge, education and civil society.

He also contributes regularly to media in print, television, radio and online on a number of topics including issues around culture wars, higher education policy and politics/culture generally. 

Visit LinkedIn, Social Media and/or YouTube channels for further details. 

Education / academic qualifications

  • 2016 - Doctor of Philosophy, Progressive Sociology, Conservative Universities: Tracing the Legacies of German Legal Science in American Social Science, University of Cambridge
  • 2010 - Master of Arts, Modernity, Capitalism, and War: Toward a Sociology of War in the Nineteenth Century, 1815-1914, University of Tennessee
  • 2003 - Bachelor of Arts, Runes, Vikings, Kings and Christ: Scandinavian Religions from 800 to 1250 C.E, Rutgers The State University of New Jersey

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