Student Theses

The student theses listed here are University of Manchester doctoral theses, submitted since 2010, which are currently Open Access. If you are unable to locate the thesis you are searching for, please contact the Library's Scholarly Communications Team at

  1. 2022
  2. Assessment of post-operative precautions following total hip replacement.

    Author: Theaker, J., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Biant, L. (Supervisor), Oldham, J. (Supervisor) & Callaghan, M. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  3. Atomic Decomposition-based Ontology Classification

    Author: Zhao, H., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Sattler, U. (Supervisor) & Parsia, B. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  4. Automated user assessments of ultrasound transducer performance

    Author: Kamali-Zonouzi, P., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Kirkby, K. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Unknown

  5. Back to the Future? look North - It's Positively Medieval!

    Author: Redfern, G., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Bernau, A. (Supervisor) & Matthews, D. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  6. Bayesian Deep Learning for Pulsar Classification

    Author: Bonta, A., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Zijlstra, A. (Supervisor) & Scaife, A. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Master of Science by Research

  7. Bayesian inference on microstructural, hyperelastic models of soft tissue deformation.

    Author: Haughton, J., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Parnell, W. (Supervisor) & Shearer, T. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  8. Beam-driven plasma wakefield acceleration in AWAKE

    Author: Liang, L., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Graham, D. (Supervisor) & Xia, G. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  9. Behavioural bumpiness: modelling the impact of behavioural heterogeneity in macro level systems

    Author: Rees, N., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Bratsiotis, G. J. (Supervisor) & Berardi, M. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  10. Binary and ternary metal chalcogenides for sustainable and inexpensive solar energy generation

    Author: Makin, F., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Lewis, D. (Supervisor) & Prestat, E. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  11. Bone Bricks: design, fabrication and assessment of composite scaffolds for large bone defects

    Author: Daskalakis, E., 31 Dec 2022

    Supervisor: Cooper, G. (Supervisor), Weightman, A. (Supervisor) & Da Silva Bartolo, P. J. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd