Student Theses

The student theses listed here are University of Manchester doctoral theses, submitted since 2010, which are currently Open Access. If you are unable to locate the thesis you are searching for, please contact the Library's Scholarly Communications Team at


    Author: Ju, X., 1 Aug 2015

    Supervisor: Davey, K. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  2. A Discourse Analysis of Luke 22:14-23: A Linguistic Reading of the Lukan Portrayal of the Last Supper

    Author: Song, U. C., 2007

    Supervisor: Klutz, T. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Doctoral Thesis

  3. A Disease and its Device

    Author: Turney, J., 1 Aug 2013

    Supervisor: Pickstone, J. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  4. A Distributed Computing Architecture to Enable Advances in Field Operations and Management of Distributed Infrastructure

    Author: Khan, K., 1 Aug 2013

    Supervisor: Brooke, J. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  5. A Fast-Track Method for Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction with a Cohesive Zone Model

    Author: Dahlan, H., 3 Jan 2014

    Supervisor: Davey, K. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  6. A Feasibility Study: Psychodynamic Interpersonal Couple Psychotherapy in Mild Cognitive Impairment- and fMRI study of changes in brain function

    Author: Kaimal, A., 3 Jan 2015

    Supervisor: Burns, A. (Supervisor) & Guthrie, E. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Unknown

  7. A Feminist Dialogic Reading of the New Woman:Marriage, Female Desire and Divorce in the Works of Edith Wharton and Halide Edib Adıvar

    Author: Elaman, S., 31 Dec 2012

    Supervisor: Littler, M. (Supervisor) & Bast, O. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  8. A Fine Scale Assessment of Urban Greenspace Impacts on Microclimate and Building Energyin Manchester

    Author: Skelhorn, C., 1 Aug 2014

    Supervisor: Lindley, S. (Supervisor) & Levermore, G. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Phd

  9. A Foucauldian, Phenomenological Analysis of Psychological Challenges Experienced Following Spinal Cord Injury

    Author: Ingham, E., 31 Dec 2018

    Supervisor: Winter, L. A. (Supervisor) & Burman, E. (Supervisor)

    UoM administered thesis: Doctor of Counselling Psychology

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