UoM administered thesis: Phd

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  • Cong Chen


In the late 1980s, A. Premet conjectured that the variety of nilpotent elements of any finite dimensional restricted Lie algebra over an algebraically closed field of characteristic p>0 is irreducible. This conjecture remains open, but it is known to hold for a large class of simple restricted Lie algebras, e.g. for Lie algebras of connected algebraic groups, and for Cartan series W, S and H. In this thesis we start by proving that Premet's conjecture can be reduced to the semisimple case. The proof is straightforward. However, the reduction of the semisimple case to the simple case is very non-trivial in prime characteristic as semisimple Lie algebras are not always direct sums of simple ideals. Then we consider some semisimple restricted Lie algebras. Under the assumption that p>2, we prove that Premet's conjecture holds for the semisimple restricted Lie algebra whose socle involves the special linear Lie algebra sl_2 tensored by the truncated polynomial ring k[X]/(X^{p}). Then we extend this example to the semisimple restricted Lie algebra whose socle involves S\otimes O(m; \underline{1}), where S is any simple restricted Lie algebra such that ad S=Der S and its nilpotent variety N(S) is irreducible, and O(m; \underline{1})=k[X_1, \dots, X_m]/(X_1^p, \dots, X_m^p) is the truncated polynomial ring in m>1 variables. In the final chapter we assume that p>3. We confirm Premet's conjecture for the minimal p-envelope W(1; n)_{p} of the Zassenhaus algebra W(1; n) for all n>1. This is the main result of the author's research paper which was published in the Journal of Algebra and Its Applications.


Original languageEnglish
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Award date31 Dec 2019