Microwave Tomography

UoM administered thesis: Phd

  • Authors:
  • Agung Tjahjo Nugroho


This thesis reports on the research carried out in the area of Microwave Tomography (MWT) where the study aims to develop inversion algorithms to obtain cheap and stable solutions of MWT inverse scattering problems which are mathematically formulated as nonlinear ill posed problems. The study develops two algorithms namely Inexact Newton Backtracking Method (INBM) and Newton Iterative-Conjugate Gradient on Normal Equation (NI-CGNE) which are based on Newton method. These algorithms apply implicit solutions of the Newton equations with unspecific manner functioning as the regularized step size of the Newton iterative. The two developed methods were tested by the use of numerical examples and experimental data gained by the MWT system of the University of Manchester. The numerical experiments were done on samples with dielectric contrast objects containing different kinds of materials and lossy materials. Meanwhile, the quality of the methods is evaluated by comparingthem with the Levenberg Marquardt method (LM). Under the natural assumption that the INBM is a regularized method and the CGNE is a semi regularized method, the results of experiments show that INBM and NI-CGNE improve the speed, the spatial resolutions and the quality of direct regularization method by means of the LM method. The experiments also show that the developed algorithms are more flexible to theeffect of noise and lossy materials compared with the LM algorithm..


Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Zhipeng Wu (Supervisor)
Award date1 Aug 2016