Identifying the Colour of New Physics

UoM administered thesis: Master of Science by Research

  • Authors:
  • Zhen Guo


In this study the effect of the different colour content of new colour-singlet and colour-octet TeV-scale resonances on radiation is examined using events with KK-photons and KK-gluons decaying to top pairs. It is found that the colour-singlet resonance produces more radiation than the colour-octet resonance, which is consistent with the theoretical study. The gap fraction and jet number are used to evaluate the amount of radiation. The jet number distribution in the interjet region shows that differences occur in the central region when energy flow between the two leading jets is above a threshold value. The effect of underlying event is studied by comparing results of events with and without underlying event. A study using the spherical harmonic power spectrum shows that there is a large difference between the power spectrum of final-state particles in the two (singlet/octet) cases. The difference between the power spectra of QCD jets and top jets is also examined.


Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Jeffrey Forshaw (Supervisor)
Award date1 Aug 2011