An Evaluation of Handling and Physico - Mechanical Properties of Resin-Composite Materials

UoM administered thesis: Unknown

  • Authors:
  • Khold Yahya M Alahdal


Resin composites are the most commonly used material in restorative dentistry. They have been used initially for aesthetical reasons, but afterwards were modified to be used widely for their good aesthetic and mechanical properties performance. They are classified as visco-elastic materials which are composed of inorganic fillers and organic matrix.The aim of this study was to investigate some handling properties of uncured resin composites such as stickiness, consistency and rheology. Also, to measure the degree of conversion and creep behaviour under static loading of some resin composites.In the pre-cure stage, their handling properties are very essential to achieve a successful dental restoration. Therefore, dental practitioners are very critical in choosing the resin composite restorative material. A texture analyser was used to measure the stickiness and consistency of some commercial resin composites. Also, the rheology of different commercial and model resin composites were investigated using the Bohlin Rheometer in two different temperatures (room and body temperature).Moreover, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) was used to determine the degree of conversion of several bulk-fill resin composites (DC) at 4 mm depth at different periods during 24 h post-irradiation.Also, the visco-elastic stability of cured resin composites with different resin matrices was investigated under static load at different maturation times (1 h and 24 h).


Original languageEnglish
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Award date1 Aug 2016