Dr Zhu Liu


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Currently I have 10 PhD students working on laser-related projects, as described below. 

·          Yudong Peng - Laser generation of Fe-Pt nanoparticles via ablation of Fe-Pt alloy in liquid. 

·          Raid Baiee – Study of stability and durability of laser-generated Ag nanoparticles for antibacterial applications

·          Qian Chen – One-step laser process for rapid manufacture of mesoscopic perovskite solar cells. 

·          Dong Wang – Laser processing of metal oxide scaffolds for perovskite solar cells

·          Aseel Hadi - Fibre laser sintered mesoscopic TiO2 thin films for dye sensitised solar cells

 ·         Mansour Alhabradi - Fibre laser processing of ZnO-based thin films for dye sensitised solar cells·  

           Yuxiang Liu – Electrochemcial studies of biodegradable Mg-Ca alloy in SBF solution

           Minxing Zhang - Corrosion behaviour of laser-textured stainless steel

          Chutimon Suebka - Corrosion behaviour of laser-cleaned aluminium alloys

          Chao Zhang - Laser/sol-gel hybrid processing of graphene-TiO2 nanocomposite films for energy applications