Dr Zahraa Al-Ahmadyv BSc. MSc. PhD.

Honorary Research Fellow

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Research interests

My research interest lies in the development, testing and optimisation of selective triggerable cancer treatments in vitro and in vivo, using novel nano-sized drug delivery systems encapsulating chemotherapeutics and directing those towards either tumour cells or tumour vasculature. I am increasingly focused on the impact of improving drug bioavailability using external triggers such as mild hyperthermia. I am also interested in the importance of exploiting non-invasive imaging techniques that could allow personalized medical treatment. In this way the distribution and accumulation, of the chemotherapeutics, into the tumour can be monitored non-invasively and the therapeutic efficacy can be assessed in real-time. The main goal is to combine diagnosis and therapy through theranostics drug design that would be certainly more valuable for predicting and measuring the therapeutic response and render the clinical translation more feasible.

My current and future research priorities fit into three broad areas:

  • In vivo evaluation of the therapeutic potential of novel drug delivery systems for cancer therapy.

  • Biomedical imaging.

  • Nanotechnology to enhance neuroprotection of the brain ischemic region post-stoke.


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display