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I have been at the University of Manchester since 1994, as a Professor since 2006. I did my undergraduate degree at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, before going on to a one year  postgraduate Russian language diploma at the University of Strathclyde and a doctorate at St Antony's College, Oxford, under the supervision of Mary McAuley. From 1991-1994 I held a Junior Research Fellowship at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge.

I have been the sole principal investigator on two ESRC grants (R00022676, R000230880), the outputs of both of which were rated "outstanding" by ESRC assessors, and the recipient of numerous small grants from the British Academy and other bodies. In 2005 my co-authored book Cold Peace won the Alec Nove Prize of the British Association of Slavic and East European Studies for its "outstanding contribution to the field" and was selected as a CHOICE "Outstanding Academic Title." My new co-authored book, Substate Dictatorship: Networks, Loyalty, and Institutional Change in the Soviet Union (2020) is now out from Yale. I am on the Editorial Board of the journal Government and Opposition and was, from 2001-2007, its review editor. I have been a member of the ESRC Politics, Economics and Geography Research College and was, from 2000-2005, Chair of the Validation Panel for the Moscow School of Social Sciences.

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For 13 years, from 1994-2007, I was one of two principal lecturers in the Department's introductory course to Politics, Government I (Poli10201). Although I have now stopped teaching on that course, I still run a popular third year course on contemporary Russian politics (Poli30072).

I have supervised nine Ph.D. students to completion, four of whom have gone on to permanent academic posts in the UK, while others have gone on to positions in, among others, the European Commission and the banking sector. I am happy to take on doctoral students working on current or historical topics relating to Russia or Eurasia.

Phd Students

Current Ph.D. Students

  • Connell Beggs (with Vera Tolz)
  • Franco Galdini (with Stuart Shields)
  • Yevhenii Poliakov (with Stephen Hutchings)

Past Ph.D. Students

  • Sergei Kondrashov, (with Chris Binns), 'Nationalism and the Drive for Sovereignty in Tatarstan 1988-1992: Origins and Development,' successfully completed, summer 1996. Now works in the banking sector in Russia.
  • Aleksei Voskressenski (with Peter Lawler), 'Russia and China: Problems of Continuity and Change in Interstate Relations,' successfully completed, summer 1997. Teaches at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow.
  • Mustafa Demirtepe, (with Cigdem Balim) 'The Emergence of Uzbekistan as a Nation State,' successfully completed August 2002
  • Lucian Cernat (with Peter Humphreys), 'From Socialism to 'Cocktail Capitalism': Europeanization, state-societal interactions and economic performance in Romania', successfully completed October 2002. Works for the European Commission.
  • Cristina Chiva (with Ursula Vogel),  'The Public and the Private: Patriarchal transitions in Hungary and Romania,' successfully completed, October 2002. Has a lectureship at Salford University.
  • Oxana Poberezhnaia, 'Civic Education and the Problem of "Imitative Modernization" in Contemporary Russia,' successfully completed, June 2006
  • Elisabeth Schimpfossl (with Lynne Attwood), "The Reproduction of Elites in Post-Communist Russia" successfully competed, July 2012. Has a lectureship in Sociology at the University of Aston.
  • Jon Chang (with Peter Gatrell), "The Soviet Deportation of Koreans in 1937: A Comparative Analysis"successfully completed November 2012
  • Precious Chatterje-Taylor (with Peter Lawler) "Conceptions of Security: Ideas, Identity and Russian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century" successfully completed February 2015. Has a lectureship in Politics at the Open University. 

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