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My current research revolves around urban multilingualism and the implications of super-diversity to language repertoires, and language policy and provisions, as part of the Multilingual Manchester project; structural variation in the dialects of Kurdish, as part of an AHRC funded project on the Dialects of Kurdish; and cross-discplinary work Romani studies, in particular around European and local policy on Roma and Roma migrations, as part of the EU-funded MigRom project. I continue to have an interest in the linguistics of Romani, and I coordinate the Romani Project which was set up in 1999, and in contact linguistics, where I continue to draw on the work of the Manchester Working Group on Language Contact,

My other research interests include the interface of grammar and discourse, a functional-pragmatic approach to grammatical categories and linguistic typology, language contact and bilingualism, and anthropological linguistics and dialectology. I have published on deixis, word order variation, ergativity, complementation and coordination, mixed languages, grammatical borrowing and contact-induced grammaticalisation, as well as descriptive, historical and dialectological work on several different languages. I specialise in the linguistics of Romani, languages of the Middle East (Kurdish, Domari, Hebrew, Turkish, Arabic, Neo-Aramaic), Germanic languages and German dialects. I have a general interest in sociolinguistic issues, and I have worked on the standardisation of minority languages (Kurdish, Romani) and on the functions and structural composition of in-group and secret languages (e.g. Lekoudesch or Jewish cattle-traders jargon, Jenisch and Rotwelsch, Anglo-Romani).

A selection of my journal articles and book chapters can be downloaded here.


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