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I left the University of Manchester in August 2020 to take early retirement. As Emeritus Professor I have very limited involvement in postgraduate supervision but would be happy to have informal conversations with prospective research students and early career researchers with an interest in my areas of research specialism.

Follow the links to view profiles of previous students who worked under my supervision on Language Contact and on Romani.

My previous and current PhD supervision includes the work of: Anh Khoi Nguyen (The Vietnamese speech community in Manchester),  Leonie Gaiser (Arabic in Manchester), Samer Ahmed (Xerbi Kurmanji), Kathleen Easlick (Language policies in a changing Europe: regional and immigrant languages); Amelia Abercrombie (Linguistic ethnography of the Roma community in Prizren, Kosovo); Jakob Wiedner (Norwegian Para-Romani); Fatemah Mahsain (Codeswitching among Kuwaiti school students); Ebtesam el-Othman (Computer mediated communication in Najdi Arabic); Jonathan Morris (Phonetic realisation of vowels among Welsh-English bilinguals); D. Viktor Leggio (Online networking in Mitrovica Romani); Rick Davey (Dhofari Arabic); Mohamed Fathi Osman (Arabic diglossia in a migrant community); Veronica Schulman (The Romani dialect of Sofades, Karditsa); Anton Tenser (The Northeastern dialect branch of Roman)i; Sandy Lo (Codeswitching in English and Cantonese in the Chinese community of Manchester); Barbara Schrammel (Verb constructions and contact phenomena in Romani); Heveen Ali Kurdi (The use of discourse markers by Arab learners of English); irin Tufan (The Turkish language in Macedonia); Chen Hui-Chun (Mandarin-Taiwanese codeswitching in the media); Anne-Marie Thomson (Codification of Mauritius Creole); Lai Chun-Yen (Pragmatic structure and humour in Chan Tsong); Maryam Shabibi (Grammatical contact phenomena in Khuzestani Arabic); Francesco Goglia (Emerging biligualism among African immigrants in Italy); Leora Schiff (Variation in modern Hebrew, 1999); Carmen Rios (Anaphora in Spanish).