Prof Yaojun Li

Professor of Social Change (Sociology)

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Research interests

Research areas

• Social mobility and social stratification

• Social capital and wellbeing

• Generosity

• Immigrant integration in Britain and the USA


Research projects

• From Fareej to Metropolis: social capital in Qatar,QNRF (NPRP7-186-5-021), CI, 2014-16.

• Social cohesion for the elderly migrant workers in China, China Social Science Foundation (14BRK008), CI, 2014-17.

• Religion and poverty, JRF (120901AN), CI, 2014.

• Unity out of diversity? Immigrant adaptations in Britain, ESRC (ES/K009206/1), Mentor for Laurence Lessard-Phillips (PI), 2013-16.

• Happiness in China, the Samuel Chan alumni project, 2013-17.

• Understanding changes in ethnic relations, ESRC Research Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity (CoDE) (ES/J020036/1), Co-PI with Nazroo et al. 2013-17.

• Social network and subjective wellbeing in comparative context, Australian Research Council (DP 130100690), Partner Investigator, with Western, Huang and Bian, 2013-16.

• The Flow of Soul: the socio-economic foundations of generosity in Britain, The University of Notre Dame and the John Templeton Foundations of the USA, The Science of Generosity Programme (Prime Grant No. 14229), PI, 2010-12.

• Social mobility and social capital in China and Britain, ESRC (ES/I035168/1) and NSFC (71010090), PI, 2011-13.

• Social stratification and social harmony, NSFC, Co-PI with Bian et al, 2012-16.

• The Social Complexity of Immigration and Diversity (SCID), EPSRC large grant (EP/H02171X/1), Co-PI with Fieldhouse et al, 2010-15.

• Constructing a measure of race equality, DWP, Co-PI with Heath, 2010.

• Civic life in Britain, EHRC, Co-PI with E Fieldhouse et al, 2010.

• Inequalities in education, employment and earnings, EHRC, PI, with Devine and Heath, 2008.

• Measuring the size of employer contribution to ethnic minority employment gap, NEP, Co-PI with Heath, 2007.

• Researching ethnic minority entrepreneurship, ESRC/DTI/CRE/EMD, PI, 2006.

• The socio-economic position of the minority ethnic groups in Britain (1971-2004), ESRC (RES-163-25-0003), PI, with Heath, 2006.

• The unorganised worker, DTI, Co-PI with Pollert, 2004.

• Developing census data for academic and policy research, BA, Co-PI with Fieldhouse, 2004.

• Social capital: developing a measure and assessing its value in social research, ESRC (R000223671), PI, with Savage and Pickles, 2003.

• The housing and socio-economic circumstances of minority ethnic people in Wales, PI, with Purdam, NAW, 2002.


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