Dr Wuliang Yin


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Research interests

Measurement and instrumentation based on electromagnetic induction, Tomographic imaging, Computational Electromagnetics, · Energy harvesting - in particular Triboelectric Energy Harvesting (TENG)

Currently he

  • supervises 8 PhD students and 2 PDRAs.
  1. Dr Mingyang Lu
  2. Jorge Salas Avila
  3. Dr Yang Tao
  4. Shupei Wang
  5. Hanyang Xu
  6. Jiawei Tang
  7. Liming Chen
  8. Ziqi Chen
  9. Ruochen Huang
  10. Qiaoye Ran
  • leads three projects:
  1. TSB project (Develop, embed and exploit advanced electromagnetic modelling capabilities in MT Safeline for improved metal detector design with improved sensitivity to discriminate contaminants, 2014-2016)
  2. Safeline sponsored industrial project (Towards high performance metal detector through system modelling and optimisation, 2014-2017)
  3. EPSRC project (Electromagnetic tensor imaging for in-process welding inspection, 2015-2018).
  •  Previous team members:
  1. Dr Yifei Zhao
  2. Dr Ziqiang Cui, Tianjin University
  3. Dr Sergio Alberto Rodriguez Gutierrez
  4. Dr Wenru Fan, Civil Aviation University of China
  5. Prof. Zhijie Zhang, North China University
  6. Yantao Liu, Beijing Institute of Structure and Environment Engineering
  7. Dr Hongjun Sun, Tianjin University
  8. Dr Jinkai Chen, Zhejiang University
  9. Dr Zhaoming Zhou,  Southwest Petroleum University
  10. Dr Yuedong Xie, Warwick University
  11. Dr Chao Liu, Oxford University
  12. Dr Qian Zhao, Qufu Normal University
  13. Dr Lifeng Zhang, North China Power University


Research and projects

  1. Electromagnetic Sensing Group

    Peyton, A., Fletcher, A., Daniels, D., Conniffe, D., Cheadle, E., Podd, F., Xu, H., Tesfalem, H., Davidson, J., Anderson, J., Tang, J., Hampton, J., Wilson, J., Barratt, K., Marsh, L., Chen, L., O'Toole, M., Lu, M., Ran, Q., Huang, R., Watson, S., Ozdeger, T., Van Verre, W., Yin, W., Gao, X., Tao, Y., Chen, Z., Regan, A., Li, J. & Cheng, Q.

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