Prof W I Sellers

Professor in Natural Science

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I am a computational zoologist interested in the use of numerical and robotic techniques for investigating comparative anatomy, fossil behaviour and biomechanics. I have a background in human and comparative functional anatomy, and scientific industrial experience in image analysis and computer modelling.

Current Research

My primary interest is in the evolution of the locomotor system and I am currently working on the mechanics and control of velocity change (starting, stopping and turning) which involves both experimental biomechanics and computer modelling in a range of organisms (humans, non-human primates, birds, dinosaurs, turtles and spiders). I am also working on several non-locomotor biomechanics project including hand use and breathing mechanics. I have developed a number of novel computational approaches to investigate animal mechanics including video based 3D photogrammetry and multibody dynamic models in a high performance computing context. I am also working on multidimensional image processing to enable better visualisation of multi-spectral images using optical and other information sources. This has applications in reading ancient manuscripts and visualising the chemical signatures of fossilised soft tissues revealed using synchrotron x-ray fluorescence.


Research and projects

No current projects are available for public display