Dr William Fletcher

Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography and Quaternary Science

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I currently convene the following courses:

GEOG 31041/20291 - Green Planet: Plant Ecology and Global Change

This course covers the main factors that influence the growth and distribution of plant species at local to global scales, and aims to develop an appreciation of the role of the biosphere in the shaping of the Earth's climate. The course provides an introduction to methodological approaches in ecology and biogeography.

GEOG 20072 - Pyrenees Overseas Fieldcourse

This fieldcourse concerns the climatology, ecology, hydrology and Quaternary history of the Pyrenees. It is held in Jaca, Spain.

GEOG 60111/2 - Environmental Change and Reconstruction

This MSc module provides an overview of key principles in environmental change and palaeo-environmental reconstruction, and a hands-on introduction to techniques of environmental reconstruction including field and lab techniques

I also currently co-teach the following courses:

GEOG 10401- Environmental Processes and Global Change

GEOG 10422- Dynamic Earth

GEOG 12011- Tutorials

GEOG 30131- Mediterranean Quaternary Landscapes