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Wendy Olsen joined the University in 2002. She worked till 2014 both for the Institute for Development Policy and Management (IDPM) and in the Discipline of Social Statistics (50% FTE each). She is now 100% employed in the Social Statistics area.  She has previously taught sociology, development economics, and research methodology. She teaches statistics and PhD research methodology as well as computerised qualitative data analysis, the comparative method, the case-study method, and topics in political economy (e.g. child labour in India). She has release from some of her teaching duties due to research projects. She is fostering the use of mixed-methods research among statistical and other researchers.

Research Focus Statement:

Wendy Olsen's research focuses on the sociology of economic life. She has interests in methodology cutting across the whole range from quantitatively based to qualitative research and discourse analysis. She specialises in the study of economic institutions from sociological and moral economy vantage points. Her research has included case studies of Indian and UK labour markets, the credit market involvement of the poor in India, and other topics in economic sociology.

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 Notice also that I have had two core web pages at the University - holds the key site, at the Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Research, which is where my research is based. -- Wendy Olsen

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  • •Development Research.
  • •Methodology and Research Design.
  •   & Integrated Mixed Methods Research with QCA Summer School (see Methods@Manchester website)
  • •Latent Factor Analysis.
  • •Qualitative Comparative Analysis.
  • •Applied Statistics.
  • •Causal Analysis with STATA.

Editing Experience

Associate Editor, Sociology, 2010-2013.
Editorial Board, Journal of Developing Societies, 2010-present.
Editorial Board, Capital and Class, 2012- present.
Editorial Board of Work, Employment and Society. 2005-2008 and 2011-2014. This journal is also sponsored by the British Sociological Association.

Other Public Service

I sit on the Council of the Association for Heterodox Economics.

I am on th eeditorial board of Capital & Class and the Journal of Developing Societies.
I was Vice President (2007-8 and 2009-10), the University and College Union, University of Manchester branch, and Treasurer 2005-2007 as well as President 2008-9.
Board of Directors, The Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre, Eccles, Salford. 2005-2009.
Chair, Salford Women's Centre, 2009-10. Secretary 2008-9.
Auditor, two small national sports organisations.
Salford - Moorside High school governor, 2006-8.

Treasurer, Salford Green Party, 2014-5 

Phd Students (a partial list)
Heather Piggott - 2014-2017 (jointly with IDPM)

Kevwe Pela - 2014-2017 (jointly with IDPM)

Troncoso-Ruiz, Patricio, 2011-2014 PhD, co-supervisor, Value-Added Across Schools in Chile, Scholarship from the Government of Chile.
Menon, Nikhila, 2012-2015, PhD, co-supervisor, Informal Sector Fish Workers and Gendered Aspects of Physical Autonomy in South India. Commonwealth Scholarship.
Bayliss, David, 2012-2015, PhD, Well-being and the UK Recession: Structural Equation Models, ESRC AQM studentship.
Murray, Andrea, 2009-2013, PhD, Social Norms in Tea Production Chains: South Indian Evidence of Change Around Organic Standards.
Watson, Samantha. Political Economy of MIcrofinance in India: Using Mixed Methods. ESRC Studentship. 2008-2011.
Wardle, Elizabeth. Child Labour in Construction: A Comparative Study of India and Benin. IDPM. 2008/9 to 2011/12.
Zhu Di, 2007-2010, PhD, co-supervisor, Luxury Consumption Practices in China.
Watt, 2005-2008, PhD, co-supervisor, Youth Attitudes to Relationships.
Neff, 2005-2008, PhD, ESRC , Subjective Well-Being in India.
Limmer, 2006-2009, PhD, ESRC 1+3 , Women in Self-Employment in UK.
Walthery, 2006-2009, PhD, ESRC 1+3, Women Returners? Preferences in UK.
Taylor, MPhil 2002-2006, Women in Small Business in South India.
McGrath, 2006-2009, Forced Labour In Brazil.

Download My Work

Please visit my Downloads site if you wish to access the actual documents for some of my recent research.  You will enjoy this site -

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That site will be moved during 2014/5 and currently a substitute site for easy downloads is (a) ESCHOLAR of the Univ. of Manchester - see Publications tab, and click links!

or (b) my own site,

Areas of expertise

Areas of expertise

  • HA Statistics - time-series models, structural equation models, fuzzy-set measurement, causality, Oaxaca decomposition, time-use diary data
  • HM Sociology - employment, gender, South Asia, methods of research, quantitative methods in sociology

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