Dr Wajira Mirihanage

Lecturer in Materials Science

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Wajira Mirihanage is a Diamond-Manchester Fellow/Lecturer in Materials Sceince. His research interests are mainly focused on  solidification microstructure evolution in metallic alloys (casting, welding and additive manufacturing), influence of flow on microstructure formation and application of time resolved synchrotron X-ray techniques to study microstructure evaluation in materials processing. 

Wajira obtained his PhD from University College Dublin - Ireland. His doctoral and post-doctoral research were aimed at  understanding the dendritic microstructure formation in metalic alloys; initailly through numerical modelling and then experimentally using in situ X-ray studies. Most of his current synchrotron X-ray based resrach work is focused on application of fast time resolved techniques and employ novel computational algorithms to extract complex information embedded in X-ray images and scattering patterns during materials processing.  Wajira has involved with a number of X-ray studies on materials processing, which was highlighted on both ESRF and Diamond websites; for example,

ESRF : http://www.esrf.eu/home/UsersAndScience/Experiments/StructMaterials/ID15A/materials-engineering--eh2/scientific-examples.html

Diamond Light Source : http://www.diamond.ac.uk/Home/News/LatestNews/2018/05-03-2018.html




  • Solidfication, Fast synchrotron XRD , Time resolved characterization, X-ray Imaging, Phase Transformations

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