Dr Vladimir Jankovic PhD

Reader in History of Science and Atmospheric Humanities

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I have built my teaching experience over thirty years of undergraduate and postgraduate work and PhD supervision in philosophy, history of science, and atmospheric sciences. I have taught in different national settings, used several academic curricula, and interacted with students from varied educational backgrounds.

During the last ten years, this work has resulted in syllabi that have become a part of Manchester’s Center for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine. Apart from the specialized units, I have been long involved in designing our Master’s Degree Core Courses and parts of the program in Biology with Science and Society which is our undergraduate involvement with the Faculty of Life Sciences. During this period I have taught introductory and specialized courses in the history of science, and have introduced three new units which attract students from half a dozen of client departments. History of Climate Change and Science and Globalization were the first courses of the kind to be offered to undergraduates in the United Kingdom, running in parallel with the Crisis of Nature, an introduction to the twentieth-century environmental issues.

My teaching activities have also been outside the CHSTM and the University of Manchester. In 2008 I was invited to give a ten-week intensive graduate seminar on Climate Change at the Brazilian Museum of Astronomy in Rio de Janeiro, with funds provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Science. In 2010, I have contributed to a new national curricula initiative on history in the age of anthropogenic climate change, supported by the Higher Education Academy (see attached document). I am also listed as a consultant on the NSF teaching-oriented application Place and Planet: Connecting Climate, History, and the Modern World. I have recently taught a graduate seminar in political ecology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and gave a plenary during the Elati Conference in Critical Environmental Education, Greece. I gave  public lectures on climate and disasters at the University of Manchester’s Course for the Public and conducted a day seminar on climate change for the Center of Continuing Education.

Two of my PhD students have completed dissertations on the twentieth century flood sciences UK and the institutional history of Met Office. I currently supervise an ESRC funded PhD on the history of church acoustics since 1800.  

University of Manchester: current and recent departmental teaching

Climate Change and Society, 2016 -

History of Climate Change, 2007-09

Crisis of Nature: Issues in Environmental History 2002-2017

The Darwinian Revolution, 2003-2005.

Science and Globalization 2005-6.

Science and the Modern World 2006 - 2013

Major Issues in HSTM 2001-2014

Shaping the Sciences, MSc course 2006-14

Nineteenth Century Biomedical Sciences, MSc course 2006-7

Tutorials and Research Methods

Research Skills Module for Biology with Science and Society

University of Kentucky: Teaching

Philosophy and Classical Physics, 1996-1998

American Popular Culture, 1945-2000, Spring 1999

The Contemporary World,  Spring 1999, Honors Program

University of Notre Dame: TA Courses

Introduction to Philosophy,