Dr Vegard Iversen

Honorary Senior Research Fellow

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A study of the impacts of social audits on MNREGA governance in Andhra Pradesh (with Farzana Afridi) was published in the India Policy Forum 2014. An article on caste dominance and economic performance in rural India (with Arjan Verschoor, Adriaan Kalwij and Amaresh Dubey) appeared in Economic Development and Cultural Change (2014). Another article, with Farzana Afridi and M.R. Sharan looks at how the impacts of female village council headship on corruption and MNREGA administration change over time as initially inexperienced female leaders learn and accumulate political and administrative experience (Economic Development and Cultural Change, October 2017). An analytically simple article on intergenerational occupational mobility in India - joint with Anirudh Krishna and Kunal Sen, has just been published by Economic and Political Weekly (November 2017). Richard Palmer-Jones and I have an article titled 'All you need is Cable TV?' that is forthcoming in Journal of Development Studies and Heather Lanthorn and I have a paper on how to think about and assess the external validity of impact evaluation results that has been revised. Research in progress includes a follow up of (with Richard-Palmer Jones and Kunal Sen) of our article (JDS 2013) critiquing Banerjee and Iyer's (2005) AER paper and empirical analysis of the legacy and long-term effects of colonial land revenue institutions in India and another paper - with the same co-authors - on large Dam impacts. Other work in progress covers work on India’s business history (with Chinmay Tumbe), women in politics (with Ananish Chaudhuri, Francesca Jensenius and Pushkar Maitra) and politician behaviour (with Prasenjit Banerjee, Sandip Mitra, Antonio Nicolo and Kunal Sen).     
Keywords: Labour markets; migration; networks; identity and discrimination; gender; women in politics; social accountability and public service delivery; education and skills; politician behaviour; economic history; research methods and practice; experimental economics; impact evaluation


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