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Specific research interests:

My previous research has focused on post-divorce parenting, lone motherhood and intergenerational relationships. Methodologically my interests span the use of mixed methods, qualitative interviewing, narrative analysis and biographical methods. My current work concerns the self, belonging and temporality, with a focus on ageing and migration.


I am currently involved in the following research project:

Research Group 3 of the Centre of Excellence in Research on Ageing and Care based at the Universities of Jyvaskyla, Helsinki and Tampere in Finland. The research focuses on migration, ageing and care, and my role is to lead on the qualitative research involving ageing migrants in Finland.


My recent research projects include 'Ageing in place' and 'Place and Belonging':

Ageing in place was an ESRC-funded project that utilised qualitative longitudinal secondary data to explore experiences of ageing in place across different types of neighbourhood.  


‘Place and belonging: What can we learn from the Claremont Court housing scheme?’ was funded by the AHRC. This was an interdisciplinary project involving colleagues from architecture, sociology, social anthropology and social work. More information on the project can be found here:


Other past research projects include ‘Inter/Generational Dynamics’, which ran from 2008 to April 2011 and the cross-national comparative research project 'Children's socio-emotional wellbeing and daily family life in a 24-h economy' in collaboration with colleagues in Finland and the Netherlands (2012-2014).



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