Dr Timothy Foster

Senior Lecturer in Water-Food Security

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For details about openn positions for PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers, please visit my research group's website: fosterlab.weebly.com/join-the-group.html
Prospective students
I am always keen to hear from talented, enthusiastic students with interests in my broad areas of research (see my research page for examples of recent and ongoing project activities in the group - www.fosterlab.weebly.com). I especially enjoy working with students who have a strong quantitative background, and a passion for understanding the multi-disciplinary interactions between water use, food production, and the environment in different regions worldwide. If you think that you are a good fit to this description, please get in touch with me to discuss potential project ideas and funding opportunities. In your email, be sure to include a copy of your current CV and a short description of your ideal research project.