Dr Tim Bradshaw RGN; RMN; DPSN; BSc (Hons); MPhil; PGCE; PhD


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I have been teaching at the University of Manchester since 1997.  During the first 10 years of my career at the university  I mainly taught post-registration mental health students on the Collaboration on Psychosocial Education (COPE) programme.  Although I still teach on the Psychosis pathway of the AIPMH programme which evolved from COPE, during the last seven years my more substantive teaching role has been on the BNurs programme where I have been introducing some of the approaches to evidence based approaches we developed on the COPE programme.  Most recently in line with my scholarly activity I have developed an education programme about holistic approaches to improving the physical and mental well being of individuals with serious mental health problems. My current teaching resposibilities have been detailed below.

1. Course unit leader - Advanced Evidenced Based Practice and Leadership (30 credit level 7).

2. Course unit leader - Post Graduate Dissertation unit (60 credits level 7).

3. Team member - AIPMH Developing Practice Managing Change (15 credits level 7)

4. Team member - BNurs Year one -  Principles of Anatomy and Physiology (20 credits level 4).

5. Course unit leader - Family Intervention for people with Psychosis and Bi-polar disorder (level 6 20 credits & 7 15 credits).

In addition to the teaching responsibilities outlined above I have also previously been invited to teach and present international workshops about psychosocial interventions in South Africa, Ireland, North America, Israel, Lithuania, Finland, Portugal and Germany.