Dr Tim Bradshaw RGN; RMN; DPSN; BSc (Hons); MPhil; PGCE; PhD


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Research interests

Although employed on a teaching focused contract I have always participated in research and I have a sustained record of publication with over 50 manuscripts in peer review and professional journals as well as service user and University publications many of which are teaching related. Most recently I have participated in two large scale resaerch projects 1) Smoking Cessation Intervention for Severe Mental Ill Health Trial (SCIMITAR): a definitive randomised evaluation of a bespoke smoking cessation service Principal investigator – Prof Simon Gilbody (University of York) and 2) The HELPER programme (HEalthy Living and Prevention of Early Relapse): Principal investigator   - Professor Matthew Marshall. Both studies successfully recruited to target and the outcomes have now been published by the NIHR abd in peer review journals.

In 2008 I completed a part time PhD the focus of which was closely aligned to the content of my substantive teaching related to the use of holistic approaches to improve the Physical and Mental wellbeing of people with Serious Mental Health Problems. My PhD was published in three papers and presented at a number of national and international conferences as well as at student and service user/carer events.

Prior to 2008 I was involved in reserach to evaluate the outcomes of psychosocial intevention education on students knowledge, attitudes, levels of emotional burnout and clinical skills. As well as the oucomes of care for patients and families that our students worked with. 

Methodological knowledge

  • Quantitative research methods
  • Evaluation of complex health care interventions
  • Undertaking systematic reviews


Research and projects

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