Dr Tom Lavers

Lecturer in Politics & Developmt

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I am interested in supervising PhD research on a range of topics related to the politics of development, in particular: the politics of land, agrarian transformation, the politics of social policy, state legitimacy, ideas in political analysis


Current PhD students:

Mohammed Ibrahim, Looking Beyond Proximate Benefits: Social Protection Implementation and Socio-Political Effects in Ghana (co-supervised with Sam Hickey)

Edward Ampratwum, How do localized forms of politics shape the implementation of social protection policy?  (co-supervised with Sam Hickey)

Sam Stratford, Understanding how political settlements shape the decision-making processes behind the planning and construction of dams: lessons from Ethiopia and Uganda (co-supervised with David Hulme)

Bethany Coleman, Sustainable development for whom? The politics of future hydropower in Tanzania (co-supervised with David Hulme)

Kate Pruce, Investigating the politics of global policy transfer: the case of cash transfers in Zambia (co-supervised with Sam Hickey)

Clare Cummings, Against the odds: understanding why and how effective reform happens in Nigeria (co-supervised with Sam Hickey)