Mr Thomas Harvey

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Research interests

I am investigating the effect of impact melting processes on iron-nickel metal particles in chondritic and lunar rocks. Using a combined approach which involves using a range of analytical techniques with the aim of interpretting specific conditions or processes from variations in particle composition or crystallographic microstructure associated with impact melt deformed morphology. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with and learn about a range of analytical instruments including the Scanning Electron Microscope, used for QEMSCAN and Electron Backscattered Diffraction analysis, as well as the Electron Microprobe, used for quantitative compositional analysis.

In addition, I am actively participating in the curation and classification of samples returned by the Lost Meteorites of Antarctica project. I am using photogrammetry to produce high fidelity three-dimensional computer models of meteorite samples returned from the field, with the goal of non-destructively determining their volume as a tool for further investigating their physical properties - which are key to understanding the composition and history of their parent bodies. 



Research and projects

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