Dr Theodore Voronov


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I supervise PhD students together with my friend and collaborator Dr Hovhannes Khudaverdian. We had jointly supervised Dr Adam Haunch (PhD, 2007), Mr Paul Physick (MPhil, 2008), Mr Graham Kemp (MSc, 2010), Dr Andrew Bruce (PhD, 2009),  Dr Jacob George (MSc, 2006, and PhD, 2009),  Dr Rabah Djabri (PhD, 2011), Dr Adam Biggs (PhD, 2014), and Dr Matthew Peddie (PhD, 2017).
We have  one current and one perspective (starting Sept 2019) PhD students.

We invite students for PhD studies in the broad area of Geometry and Mathematical Physics.  There are many research projects that we can offer. Please get in touch with us. You may also find useful the link to the School postgraduate admission web page. 

I have also taught a postgraduate course on geometry of fiber bundles and have supervised various level projects on topics including de Rham and Čech cohomology, characteristic classes, and other areas of differential geometry.