Dr Termeh Shafie


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Research interests

My main research interest is in the field of multivariate statistics, and in particular developing methods and models for analysing multivariate social networks. Other interests lie in the area of statistical information theory and network sampling. I'm very passionate about working interdisciplinary and doing research that moves across scientific borders. As an example, I was previously a member of an ERC synergy project, working hand-in-hand with archaeologists and anthropologists on methods for analysing and modelling networks that are reconstructed from fragmented and spurious data.



Research and projects

  1. Statistical Modelling

    Onah, C. N., Shlomo, N., Chandola, T., Schoch, D., Cuitún Coronado, J., Aparicio-Castro, A., Thestrup, S., Olsen, W., Cernat, A., Shryane, N., Wisniowski, A., Smith, D., Aparicio-Castro, A., Shafie, T., Hannemann, T., Morales-Gómez, A., Mellon, J., Troncoso Ruiz, P., Taub, J., Murphy, J., Guest, E., Kim, J., Watson, J., Pashazadeh, F., Hoór, D., Jones, P. & Gosling, Z.


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