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Professor Alonso-Rasgado obtained her doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from UMIST in 1999. Following this she worked as a Research Associate and then Research Fellow in the Mechanical Engineering Department at UMIST before being appointed as a Lecturer at the University of Manchester. She has a number of years of industrial experience. Dr Alonso Rasgado has undertaken research in the areas of mathematical modelling, numerical techniques, total care product design, reliability, risk, and modelling of biological systems.

Teresa previously lead the very successful Bioengineering Research Group which has numerous links with hospitals and universities both in the UK and overseas. In the bioengineering area she has undertaken research in the modeling of biological systems, musculoskeletal analysis and biomechanics. In addition, she has also has performed research in mathematical modeling, numerical techniques, total care product design, reliability and risk. Teresa has published over 80 journal and international conference papers.

Teresa is the Director of the Latin American Programme in the faculty.Teresa is also a member of the National Bio-security Committee in Mexico.

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