Prof Tariq Aslam DM (Oxon), FRCSEd.(Ophth), MB.Ch.B., MA( Oxon) .,Dip. IT, Ph.D

Reader in Ophthalmology

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Research interests

I am currently leading on several research projects with colleagues at Manchester University including :

Novel mathematical modelling of wet Macular degeneration to find new treatment paradigms

Application of Machine vision and artifical intelligence to Ophthalmic imaging in children and adults

Development of Visual fields tests for children using computer games

Devices and designs for Mobile vision testing in macular degeneration and also children

Novel inhaler designs for children

Psychological impact of macular degeneration.

Further collaborations include with external centres for a multicentre randomised trial of laser treatment and with specialities outside of ophthalmology as part of European multicentre studies on dementia. 

A central aspect of my work has become the invention and development of clinical and technological devices and software , using skills in computer programming and electronics in translation of research findings to clinical solutions. I have three patent applications, multiple copyrights, a spin out company and collaborations with industry in several projects.

All these themes are focussed towards making social impact, an ultimate research goal.  

Methodological knowledge

  • Device Development
  • Image Processing and analysis, Machine vision
  • Measurement validity and reliability
  • Computer Applications in Ophthalmology
  • Psychological aspects of Clinical Ophthalmology


Research and projects