Prof Tarani Chandola

Professor of Medical Sociology

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I teach the Multilevel module on the MSc in Social Research Methods and Statistics 

The module introduces students to the theory and applications of multilevel models. The unit covers basic and more advanced multilevel models including random intercepts models, random slopes models, inference for multilevel models, the use of contextual variables in multilevel analysis, modelling complex variance structures, binary response multilevel models, modelling repeated measures and multivariate response linear models. All students will gain familiarity with and hands-on experience. Statistical software such as MLwiN, STATA and R will be used. 

Online training resources such as those developed by the Centre for Multilevel Modelling will be used. For students using R, the class is supported by DataCamp,  an intuitive learning platform for data science. Students using DataCamp will be able to take a number of online courses on topics such as importing data, data visualization or machine learning.