Dr Susie Miles

Senior Lecturer in Inclusive Education

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Research interests

Susie’s research has focused on the imbalance of power between the global North and global South in relation to the development of more equitable education opportunities for the most marginalised groups of children, and for disabled children in particular. What is distinctive about this work is that it has been possible to capture evidence of innovative inclusive practices in some of the economically poorest countries in the world. Through her work with the Enabling Education Network (EENET), which promotes the inclusion of marginalised groups in education worldwide, she developed an inclusive approach to networking as a way of challenging power relations and in order to support the co-production of community based knowledge in Southern countries.

Susie has two related research interests which complement her core research interest in special and inclusive education. The first is in the use of photography in researching injustice in educational settings internationally. Although the use of photography is increasing in educational research, there has been no explicit theoretical work which guides its use in relation to social justice, and herein lies the contribution. The second is in supplementary education in the UK which is under-researched and under-theorised, especially from learners’ perspectives. 



Research and projects

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