Prof Stuart Holmes Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC); Chartered Chemist (CChem); Chartered Scientist (CSci); Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineering (MIChemE); Chartered Engineer (CEng)


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My research is devoted to developing novel nano-structures and exploring their applications in a range of processes, most recently as catalysts and current carriers in Fuel Cell systems. Nano-technology is considered to be a new and exciting field; however, inorganic and zeolite chemists have been synthesising and exploiting structures with nanometer scale architecture for several decades. Coming from a zeolite background which has had an active research effort for many years, my research direction has been to diversify into the use of nano-structures in a range of industrial and power applications. Producing high surface area carbons which contain catalyst centres is vital to Fuel Cell and REDOX flow battery technologies and these highly innovative structures have recently been developed within my research group.The major focus of my research is to apply intelligent design to the structures used in electrochemical (and other) systems. An example is the use of materials from Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Direct Methanol Fuel Cell systems. These materials are soluble in Methanol and not optimised for the system but are still used. By modelling the membrane structures we can design the ideal membrane and nano-engineer the target structure, one such structure is currently being patented. As my work involves both the design and applications of materials it is necessary that I collaborate closely with industrialists and academics which can be seen from my publication record and grant applications.I currently supervise a research group of six PhD students and two Post Doctoral Researchers. I have ~60 refereed publications.


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