Professor Stephen Walker

Head of Architecture

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I currently teach an Undergraduate Elective, Architecture and the Body: Throughout history, the human body has influenced systems of belief, which have in turn found numerous means of cultural expression.  This elective focuses on various moments when the thinking of the body and its relationship with architecture became particularly significant.  In addition to examining these particular moments, lectures and directed reading discussions introduce a range of enduring concerns that have accompanied bodily connections (the distinction between body, mind and soul; the influence and extent of scientific and medical understanding: gender and ‘otherness’; authority and control; movement and perception). Alongside these topics, the influence exerted by techniques of observation and representation are also noted. In particular, lectures and discussion explore the grounds that have been claimed (expressly or covertly) for an authority that is based on the body, and the related claims that this authority can extend to provide criteria for the design and judgement of architecture.


I contribute to Undergraduate Humanities lectures, and have an M.Arch Dissertation group.