Professor Stephen Walker

Head of Architecture

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I would be happy to supervise PhD students within my own research areas: art & architecture; architecture & critical theory; the architectures of fairs and fairgrounds, seaside or temporary architecture; architecture and the body; architectural history & critical historiography.

I am interested in interdisciplinary approaches and supervisory arrangements. In my previously institution, I was involved in cross-departmental and cross-Faculty supervision with colleagues in English, Landscape, Sociology, and the Management School. Within my own group of students, there have been those registered for PhD by written research, PhD by design and PhD by practice.

I have examined PhDs in the UK, Australia and Spain. Before moving to Manchester, I was Director of the Graduate School, later Director of PhD Programmes, and between 2013-14 I was PhD Admissions & Progression Tutor at The University of Sheffield School of Architecture. There, I was also responsible for the coordination and delivery of the Advanced Research Training modules taken by all PhD students in the School of Architecture, and was part of the University Research Ethics and Integrity (REI) Working Group (2010–2012) which designed the research training provision for the Faculty REI core module for PhD students, designed and delivered with colleagues Dr Ruth Stirton (Law) and Dr. Simon Warren (Education). I was Faculty PGR tutor in 2013, and was more recently involved in the Faculty PhD working groups for both GTA and cohort recruitment.


I was the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) Annual International PhD Symposium organizer in 2010, and organized the event again in April 2016.

In my previous institution, I worked with the following PhD students through to the completion of their degrees:

As 1st and Joint Supervisor:

Dr. Nadia Mounajjed, Rethinking the Body, Memory and Architecture in the Age of Digital Techtonics (with Chengzhi Peng). Completed, 2007

Dr. Seyed Nader Pourmosavi, Urban Renewal Policies: A Critical Analysis of Urban Renewal Policies in Iran, 1286–1400 AH/1907–2020 AD. Completed 2011

Dr. Ruth Blacksell, Typography After Conceptual Art (Concordat Scholarship Studentship) Completed 2013

Dr Sara Mahdizadeh, Critical Analyses of the Existing Situation of Historical Gardens, Garden Conservation and Heritage Before and After the Islamic Revolution in Iran. Completed 2014

Dr Paula McCloskey, Maternal Experience, Subjectivity and Art Encounters (with Jenny Hockey, Emeritus Professor of Sociology) Completed 2014

Dr Lakshmi Priya Rajendran, Understanding User-Space Relationships: A Phenomenological Approach (with Rosie Parnell) Completed 2014

Dr Catherine Heatherington, Disordered Narratives: Public Perception and Understanding of Regenerated Derelict Industrial Landscapes (with Anna Jorgensen, Department of Landscape) Completed 2015

Dr Maryam Fazel, Locative Media: From Transcendental Technologies to Socio-Formative Spheres (with Mark Meagher) Completed 2015

Dr Ruxandra Berinde, Moving Images Of Home: Architectural Autobiographies in Cinema (with Renata Tyszczuk) Completed 2015

Dr Sukaina Almousa, The Experience of Temporary Architecture: Tracing the Narrative and the Body/Mind Journey in Installation Art (with Mark Meagher) Completed 2016

Dr Alona Martinez Perez, The Architecture of the Periphery. Completed 2016

Dr Ian Trowell, Pasts, Presents and Futures at the Fairground (with Tom Cassidy, University of Leeds) Completed 2017



As 2nd Supervisor:

Dr. Kim Trogal, Affective Urban Practices: A Feminist Approach to the Ethics of Care in Contemporary Urban Practice (with Doina Petrescu) Completed 2012

Dr Rully Damayanti, Adding Meaning to Lynch’s Theory of Imageability (with Florian Kossak) Completed 2015

Dr Chwas A Sabr, Regulations and Urban Form: A typo-morphological analysis of Erbil City (with Florian Kossak) Completed 2016

Dr Sam Vardy, Self-Organised Architecture (with Doina Petrescu) Completed 2017

Dr Jianyu Chen, Yingzao fayuan: The Conflicts and Harmonies between Two Chinese Architectural Education Systems in 1923-1937 (final stage supervisor following the death of Prof. Peter Blundell Jones) Completed 2017

Dr Derong Kong, The Dong Oral Architecture: Carpenter, Architecture and Phenomena Among the Dong (final stage supervisor following the death of Prof. Peter Blundell Jones) Completed 2017

Dr Sadiq Abid, An Examination of Heritage Protection and Conservation Practices in the Pilgrim City of Najaf (with Jo Lintonbon, final stage 2nd supervisor following the death of Prof. Peter Blundell Jones) Completed 2017

Dr Kate Kilalea, OK, Mr. Field (with Adam Piette, School of English) Completed 2017