Dr Stephen A Roberts

Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics

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Research interests

My research interests focus the on applications of statistical modelling of observational data with particular emphasis on the interface between the laboratory and clinical medicine.

I have a particular interest in the use of routinely collected data to address real questions in a targetted and designed manner. Messy data has a particular interest in me.

I have a particular long-standing and current interest in assisted conception data, extending from mechanistic laboratory studies, through modelling of observational data on immediate treatment outcomes through to large-scale epidemiological linkage studies of long term outcomes of treatments on the health of the resultant offspring.

I still cannot escape a long-standing interest in the analysis of radiobiological and radiotherapy data with binary outcome measures and non-linear models.

More generally I have a role in a number of research groups in applying robust statistical methodology to the design, conduct and analysis of studies investigating interesting or inportant scientific and clinical questions from laboratory to patients and beyond to poulations.


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