Dr Stephen Mossman

Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

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Postgraduate Students

I would welcome enquiries from prospective students considering research on any aspect of later medieval European history (c. 1200-1520), especially if you are interested in intellectual history, religious and ecclesiastical history, the history of the German- and Dutch-speaking regions, cross-cultural contacts, or the manuscript and material culture of the Middle Ages. I would also be happy to supervise projects with a strong literary perspective that consider texts in German and Latin from the German Sprachraum in the period c. 1100-c.1550.

My doctoral students:

Marci Freedman (Manchester), 'The Transmission and Reception of the Itinerary of Benjamin of Tudela in Manuscript and Print, 1200-1700' (F/T, first supervisor, with Dr Renate Smithuis and Dr Paul Oldfield): successful completion 2016.

Stephan Lauper (University of Fribourg, Switzerland), 'Das Briefbuch der Straßburger Johanniterkommende zum Grünen Wörth: Edition und Kommentar' (F/T, SNF funded, second supervisor, with Prof. Dr. Eckart Conrad Lutz): successful completion 2018.

Jessica Coatesworth (Manchester), 'The Design of History: St Albans Abbey and the Representation of the Past, c.1200 - c.1600' (P/T, AHRC funded, first supervisor, with Dr Charles Insley): successful completion 2021.

David Rogan (Manchester), 'The Decline of Punishment Miracles in Medieval Europe, c.1000-c.1200' (F/T, first supervisor, with Dr Paul Oldfield)

Lee Brooks (Manchester), 'The Heart of the Country and the Fulcrum of Power? The Diocese of Lincoln and the Centre of Political and Ecclesiastical Geography in England, 1066-c.1200' (P/T, second supervisor, with Dr Paul Oldfield)

Tom Quigley (Manchester), 'The Construction of a 'New Jerusalem': Bologna, Saint Petronio, and the Santo Stefano Complex, 1100-1400' (F/T, AHRC funded, second supervisor, with Dr Paul Oldfield)

Christopher Nelson, 'The Medieval Library of Lincoln Cathedral' (P/T, University of Manchester funded, first supervisor, with Dr Paul Oldfield)

Lucia Inglehearn Ambler, 'Models of the Common Life in the Fourteenth-Century Low Countries and the Rhineland' (P/T, University of Manchester funded, first supervisor, with Dr Georg Christ)

Sam Barber, 'Urban Heresy: Perceptions, Portrayals and Punishments in Toulouse and Albi, 1150-1321' (P/T, first supervisor, with Dr Paul Oldfield)