Prof Stephen Liddle

Professor & Head of Inorganic Chemistry

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Research interests

The Liddle group's research interests span a wide range of coordination and organometallic chemistry across the periodic table, with a particular emphasis on the chemistry of lanthanide (we include group 3 elements in this definition) and actinide (principally uranium and thorium but also neptunium and plutonium) complexes that challenge preconceived ideas. Specific topics which are currently under investigation include:

URANIUM-LIGAND MULTIPLE BONDING - Developing synthetic routes and approaches to constructing novel uranium-ligand multiple bonding interactions.

SINGLE MOLECULE MAGNETS - Probing the dynamic magnetism properties of designed complexes.

SMALL MOLECULE ACTIVATION - Harnessing the extraordinary polarising and electron transfer chemistry of f-block elements to convert small molecules into value-added compounds.

URANIUM-METAL(LOIDAL) BONDS - Developing routes to novel uranium-metal bonding interactions.

The over-arching aim of these projects is to develop a thorough and complete understanding of the electronic structure of f-block complexes and to establish and understand structure-bonding-reactivity/-magnetism relationships. To do this we make, measure, and calculate using a broad range of synthetic, spectroscopic, magnetic, and computational approaches. 


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