Dr Stephen HopkinsPhD

Honorary Reader

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Research interests

Cytokines, Inflammation and Immunity

The principal aim of our research is to identify the role of cytokines in the regulation of inflammatory and immune responses, both in peripheral tissues and the central nervous system, currently in the context of stroke, neurosurgery and schizophrenia. Interests include investigating the relationship between cytokine expression and disease, how cytokines regulate associated systemic responses, how the immune response is affected and what this might tell us about infection after stroke or other trauma. Our studies have involved collaborations with a number of clinical and experimental biology groups, both locally and internationally.

Methodological knowledge

We have developed a range of biological, immunological and molecular techniques to evaluate immune and inflammatory activity. These have included biological and immunoassays for measurement of cytokines, quantitative molecular techniques to examine gene expresssion and methods to evaluate immune capacity. We have used these to identify expression of cytokines and expression of immunity in both clinical disease and experimental studies,


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