Dr Stephen HopkinsPhD

Honorary Reader

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Collaborators and affiliated staff

FMHS Vascular and Stroke Centre and Salford Royal Foundation Trust:

Mr James Galea (Neurosurgery)

Dr Margaret Hoadley (Laboratory)

Mrs Sharon Hulme (Stroke)

Ms Karen Illingworth (Laboratory)

Professor Andrew King (Neurosurgery)

Mr Hiren Patel (Neurosurgery)

Dr Adrian Parry-Jones (Stroke)

Ms Sylvia Scarth (Laboratory)

Dr Craig Smith (Stroke)

Professor Pippa Tyrrell (Stroke)

Mr Andy Vail (Biostatistics)


FMHS Brain Behaviour and Mental Health Institute:

Professor Bill Deakin


Faculty of Life Sciences:

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell

Professor Stuart Allan


Royal Preston Hospital:

Dr Hedley Emsley

SMDN-Center for Cardiovascular Medicine and Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention,
Via Trento, Italy:

Professor Mario Di Napoli,