Dr Stephen Covey-Crump

Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

My principal research background is in characterizing the mechanical properties of geological materials by a combination of deformation experiments, physical property measurements, microstructural characterization, and field mapping. However, I also have a developing interest in quantitative estimation from the textures and composition of sedimentary deposits

Characterizing the plastic flow properties of geological materials

  • Incorporating deformation history dependence into the plastic flow laws of monomineralic materials by using internal mechanical state variables
  • Considering the impact that general loading geometries (combinations of pure shear and simple shear rather than just pure shear or just simple shear) have on the description of the plastic flow properties of geological materials and on texture development
  • Formulating flow laws for polymineralic materials in terms of the plastic flow properties of their constituent mineral phases, with particular interest on the microstructural controls on load transfer between the phases
  • Investigating the influence that grain boundary migration during recrystallization and grain growth has on the rates of grain boundary diffusion in geological materials (and the potential consequence that faster diffusion has under such circumstances for rheological and electrical conductivity properties, and for rates of isotopic and chemical re-equilibration)
  • Evaluating the normal grain growth kinetics of geological materials and the rheological consequences of such grain growth

Developing neutron diffraction techniques for characterizing the mechanical properties of geological materials

  • Monitoring strain partitioning between the phases during deformation of polymineralic rocks
  • Identifying the onset of mechanical twinning in calcite rocks during deformation experiments in a neutron beam-line
  • Monitoring internal stresses generated by the large thermal expansion anisotropy of calcite during heating of calcite rocks with different microstructures
  • Examining the elastic deformation behaviour of hydrous minerals using neutron diffraction

The interrelationships between deformation, metamorphism and fluid flow during orogenesis

Influence of climate variability and tectonic activity on terrestrial clastic deposits

  • Quantitative estimation of palaeoslopes, sediment flux and palaeohydraulic parameters from fluvial sandstones and conglomerates
  • Extracting Late Quaternary climate change information from loess deposits


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