Dr Stephen Boult

Senior Lecturer

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Research interests

Hydrology and hydrochemistry, is studied at all scales from laboratory simulation where conditions are wholly controlled to field scale where, though uncontrolled, conditions are monitored.  This work has been developed through the founding of a University spin out company Intelisys Ltd, which develops commercial monitoring equipment.

More specifically the following are studied:

  • interactions of metals and organic matter in natural waters in both laboratory and field in order to quantify and predict mobility of Fe and Al oxides, toxic metals and carbon itself.
  • Quantification of fluvial carbon fluxes from upland peat catchments and controls on their variability.
  • Quantification of gaseous carbon fluxes with regard to both greenhouse warming, explosion hazard and toxicity of volatile organic carbon.
  • Determination of best practice for managing potable water distribution networks with regard to water quality, particularly discolouration (caused by metal oxides) and chlorine residual concentration.


Research and projects

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