Dr Stefan Petry

Lecturer in Finance

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At University of Manchester:

  • BMAN23000: Foundations of Finance.
  • BMAN20242: Introduction to Corporate Finance and Financial Instruments.

In the past:

  • Foundations of Finance, post-grad, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management.
  • Corporate Finance, undergrad, University of Melbourne.
  • Corporate Financial Policy, post-grad, University of Melbourne.
  • Empirical Corporate Finance, PhD, University of Melbourne.
  • International Finance, undergrad, University of Melbourne.
  • Mergers and Value Enhancing Strategies, post-grad, University of Melbourne.
  • Principles of Finance, post-experience, University of Melbourne.
  • Advanced Corporate Finance, post-grad, class teacher at LSE.
  • Corporate Finance elective, MBA, Cambridge JBS, tutor.
  • Finance and Accounting, undergrad, Cambridge JBS, tutor.